Disnarda Pinilla
Through different media such as installation sculpture, drawing and animation, my work creates a narrative point of view. Each work is the realistic, but transformed, visual representation of a short tale combining reality and imagination of past and present events that have been captured in a particular moment.

My work deals with issues of memory, individual psychology, and social psychology. Personal experiences from my childhood in Chile are blended with dramatic life circumstances to represent a new, dreamlike, world. Each piece embodies a distinct emotional state of mind to explore deep into the human condition.

Specific interior and outdoor scenes including everyday life elements such as a dining room or a garden are built to illustrate a short story that contemplates the ordinary through a specific visual and psychological perspective. By isolating these spaces through open or enclosed architectural environments and by altering the shape and scale of every object, each element is significant in elaborating a story that challenges the viewer’s perception of reality to allow space for the surreal and unexpected.